My newest artwork titled Karma among the ‚Best of Artfinder’

My newest artwork titled Thiti among the ‚Best of Artfinder’

Once again, my painting is among the top four most expensive paintings at the New Art auction organized on January 14 this year by the NEXT Gallery in Bydgoszcz. Dewis Arall reached the price of PLN 3,840, beating the starting price by 320%.

One of my favorite paintings will be auctioned on December 4th at the Next Gallery in Bydgoszcz. The artwork is titled „Can’t Move Heaven and Earth”. The painting is my double favorite – firstly because I like Wood’s „American Gothic” which was an inspiration for this picture, and secondly because it is simply a well-painted […]

I invite you to the Saatchi Art, where you will be able to see the works awarded by the curators of this prestigious organisation this Monday, September 14, 2020. Among 99 works from around the world, there is also my this year painting entitled ‚Planet of the Apes’. ‚Planet of the Apes’ is another painting […]

My Jokers found their way to the Vlask Gallery in Ghent. For the first time my works will be exhibited in Belgium. I hope the new public will enjoy it!

I am pleased to inform you that out of 1841 submitted works at the 36th International Artavita Online Contest, my 2 works have been awarded the Certificate of Excellence. This way I was among only 50 honored artists out of 738 participating in this international competition.

Po raz pierwszy moje prace pokazały się na MotoClassic Wrocław. Zaproszenie na ten niezwykły zjazd klasycznych samochodów sprowokowało mnie do realizacji zamierzenia, z którym nosiłem się już od dawna, mianowicie,  do namalowania kilku obrazów inspirowanych starymi samochodami. Wygląda na to, że nie była to jednorazowa inspiracja! For the first time my works were shown at […]

I znów, jak co roku o tej porze otwieram dla publiczności swoją letnią pracownię. Znajdziecie mnie w Świdnicy, na placu Pokoju, pracownia mieści się w starej dzwonnicy kościoła pokoju. Zapraszam. And again, as every year at this time I open my summer workshop to the public. You will find me in Swidnica, in the Peace […]