Will you believe that I have never done annual summaries? I did not try to make plans or make New Year’s declarations. However, a few days ago I realised the passage of time and its impact on my paintings. I noticed that they are changing so much that if it were not for a few permanent elements from which I can not, and above all, I do not want to free myself, it would be difficult to say that they came from under the same hand.

Fortunately, several elements remain constant – subject matter, color, medium or category. Here man invariably reigns, most often a woman, seen in blue monochromatic colors. For two years I have been working mainly in oil technique, previously acrylic paints ruled. I was also torn between figurative art and abstraction, both of these categories fascinated me in my own way. And even though I have before my eyes such artists as Nowosielski, who in a phenomenal way combined these two directions, I feel more and more often that I should take sides.

My way of painting, building stories, using brush, line and stain, using light and shadow is changing. The contrast increases, and yet the images are softer, expression and dynamics give way to gentleness. Only a year ago I was fascinated by the struggle between what is violent and gentle, what is recognizable and what is difficult to recognize at first sight. In my work, there was an ongoing battle between the abstract view of the world and the attempt of its figurative interpretation. And this aspect was in my opinion the axis on which I based my creativity. My figurative paintings were often easy to legible and revealed its hidden content only to some observers. Today, my pictures are more realistic, painted almost as if there were seen through a camera lens. Everything seems calmer. I hope, however, not completely stripped of the secret.

Yes, I have softened in the last year. The skulls – my favorite theme – have disappeared, the signs of despair have disappeared from the faces, the nudes have become less anatomical and less abstract. Previously, I treated the body as an abstract arrangement of lines and spots, hence my nudes were often devoid of faces, arms and legs, I focused on the body, playing with the rhythm determined by the curvature of the surface. Now the nude art returns to its original meaning, where the subject again becomes a woman as a human being and a human being in a woman’s body. Man is no longer an organic object composed of fields, lines, spots but becames the essence of which the body conceals thoughts and emotions, hides the secret.

Will this new direction meet your approval? And is this really the end of my artistic evolution?